bamboo boat mila cruises


When Halong Bay has become a haunted destination worldwide, more and more spots as well as activities have been opened for tourists. While kayaking on the Bay has been listed as one of the top things to do in Vietnam, it’s a bit of a pity that travelers seem to forget another not-less-exciting means of travel here: bamboo boat. It is perfect for visitors of all ages and groups.

If you are taking a Halong Bay overnight cruise and want to get a deeper approach to the corners of the Bay but cannot take on a Halong Bay cruise kayak, do not worry as bamboo boat is here for you. You will be taken on a graceful glide to explore the beauty of this UNESCO Natural Heritage Site.

Bamboo boat is the popular means of transportation of fishermen. The smaller ones are to transport while the larger ones are to ship goods, and even play as the home of the whole family.

Tourists can choose to take on this Halong Bay cruise small boat to paddle around the floating villages, visit the secluded beaches, and explore the limestone caves. It is ok to learn to paddle yourself but it is much better to have a fisherman row the boat for you. Only the skillful fishermen with long experiences are able to wriggle around the dense islets without any crashes. Each Halong Bay bamboo boat can carry around 4 – 6 people only.

Going on a Halong Bay rowboat tour, not only can travelers witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Halong Bay but also have the chances to get exposed to the life of the local fishermen in the floating markets and see how their daily lives are like. You can also listen to the locals’ stories about their struggling life on the sea.

Bamboo boat is exceptionally suitable for groups of different ages. For instance, if you are taking Halong Bay evening cruise with kids or if you are at a quite old age, kayaking is too exhausting and dangerous to do, right? Then bamboo boat is what you should choose. And the experiences it offers are never less exciting than kayaking, for sure.

So, do not hesitate whether to take Halong Bay cruise or not as all have been thoughtfully designed for all ages and tastes.