Rejuvenate after a busy day of exploring Halong Bay with our Spa & Massage. Whether you are a busy nine-to-fiver working the weekday grind, a stay at home mom of four, or a budding entrepreneur, getting this service on Mila Cruises can do more than just help your body to relax and calm your mind.

All massage treatments provide tension release, stress reduction, circulation enhancement, and overall wellness. All services include a consultation to focus on areas of need. Rejuvenating with massage & spa services offered by skillful and experienced therapists of Mila Cruises!


  • Traditional Vietnamese therapy: a combination of clapping and punching techniques. These movements will make pressure directly on muscle and help relieve the pain. 
  • Four-hand massage: A highly artistic treatment – Your whole body is unwound while enjoying the synchronized moves done by 2 therapists at the same time. Your mind will react differently to this kind of treatment compared to others, creating a powerful feeling of relaxation.
  • Hot-stone massage: Especially suitable in cold weather – Enhance energy and reduce muscle tension. Your tiredness after a long day will be removed with the heat from hot stones, the scent of herbal essential oil and the therapist’s movements of sliding, rubbing and acupuncture.
  • Shiatshu massage: A Japanese-originated treatment – Techniques include massage with fingers, thumbs, feet, and palms, assisted stretching, joint manipulation and mobilization. Full body acupuncture stimulates the nerves and revitalizes your body.


  • Basic facial care: Deeply cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin (cleanse – massage – mask – tonic lotion).
  • Anti-oil facial care: For oily skin with acnes – Help remove excessive oil, reduce redness and irritation, leave your skin smooth and soothed (cleanse – scrub – massage – absorbent mask – tonic lotion– cream).
  • Brightening facial care: For dull-looking skin – Provide whitening effects and give your skin a radiant glow (cleanse – scrub – massage – brightening mask – tonic lotion – cream).
  • Essential facial care: For sensitive skin – Provide necessary nutrients and moisturize your skin without causing irritation (cleanse – scrub – massage – nutria soothing mask – tonic lotion – cream).
  • Facial care with Halong’s Pearl: From sensitive skin to oily skin, pearl facial promises to pamper any skin type in the best possible way. Using the precious pearl of Halong Bay, the pearl facial is extremely useful on sun-damaged and sun-tanned skin. It also prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face early and gives you a youthful and glowing skin.


The nails are cleaned and shaped to the ultimate perfection. Nothing says perfectly-groomed better than beautiful skin, meticulous cuticles and the healthiest nails.