Possessing exceptionally beautiful seascapes, Halong Bay has become one of the top tourist attractions in Vietnam, welcoming millions of travelers each year. It is not the extraordinary scenery that makes this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site attractive in tourists’ eyes, but the variety in fascinating activities travelers can participate here also contributes largely in making this tourism spot well-known. Read this Halong Bay cruise advice to see more about the interesting things to do in Halong Bay that any cruises cannot miss.


It would be a big regret if you travel to Halong but do not experience the cruise around the Bay by kayak. It is fascinating to paddle the kayak around the turquoise sea water of the East Coast, explore the karst caves, and visit the less-visited areas.

Visitors will be able to kayak through the matrix of islets on the Bay or across the forests to conquer the majestic lagoons and beaches and immerse themselves into the wilderness of nature. A should-stop for any Halong Bay cruise kayak tours is Luon Cave, which is the entrance to a picturesque secluded round lagoon. Not only will you be amazed by the stalactites hanging overhead when paddling through the cave, your jaw will also drop when seeing the scenery inside. The cave opens a view to the wide lake and surrounded forests with various species of flowers, plants, and animals of the tropical region.

Travelers can also kayak to visit the secluded beaches to enjoy the quietness and tranquility of nature. The soft white sand and transparent sea water are extraordinarily suitable for swimming and sunbathing.


Additional to kayaking, Halong Bay Cruise Rock Climbing is another fascinating activity to be done. Titov Island, which is better known with Titov beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Halong Bay, is a wonderful place to get the best panoramic view of the Bay. Climbing more than 400 steps upwards the rocky mountain to reach the peak. The climb is very safe with handrails and proper steps and the trip to the top and back takes would take around 20 minutes. Reaching the top, you will stand in awe when the magnificent seascapes of Halong Bay appear in front of your eyes. If you have seen a photo of Halong Bay from above, there is a high chance that it was taken from Titop. The hard-to-believe view from the mountain has long been a huge inspiration for photographers. Cat Ba National Park is another worth-visiting place for climbing enthusiasts. You will go up rugged routes along Kim Giao Forest to reach Ngu Lam Peak – the highest summit in the area. On your way, you will come across small streams, see various kinds of plants and animals, and smell the aroma from the flowers in the forest. There are also 2 viewpoints in the Park, from which you can take a panoramic view over the whole spectacular region.


Appeared in almost every Halong Bay cruise advice, the glorious sunset is a wonderful moment that visitors taking Halong Bay tours should watch at least once.

Standing on the seashore to watch the sun fall behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink, you will feel like you are just a small creature in this world. The clouds are cotton-candy as if they blushed at the warm touch of the sun. Even when the sun is half into the water, its reflection in the sea still makes it look complete. Just leave everything behind and stay lost in this beautiful moment.

Even when you are not on the beach but stay onboard, it is still beautiful to watch. You can lie on the lounge to drift your eyes to the horizon or enjoy the sunset party with others. Halong Bay cruise party at twilight is obviously joyful to be a part of.

In the past, when the sun had set, visitors can even take a romantic Halong Bay cruise cave dinner; however, as the laws have been tightened, it is no longer available. Still, you can enjoy the tasty Vietnamese and western delicacies in the restaurant on the vessels.

Halong Bay cannot be a better option for nature lovers when visiting Vietnam. With exquisite scenery and several exciting activities offered, a Halong Bay tour will definitely worth your time, money, and effort.