An Awe-inspiring Glide With Bamboo Boats

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When Halong Bay has become a haunted destination worldwide, more and more spots as well as activities have been opened for tourists. While kayaking on the Bay has been listed as one of the top things to do in Vietnam, it’s a bit of a pity that travelers seem to forget another not-less-exciting means of travel here: bamboo boat. It is perfect for visitors of all ages and groups.

If you are taking a Halong Bay overnight cruise and want to get a deeper approach to the corners of the Bay but cannot take on a Halong Bay cruise kayak, do not worry as bamboo boat is here for you. You will be taken on a graceful glide to explore the beauty of this UNESCO Natural Heritage Site.

Bamboo boat is the popular means of transportation of fishermen. The smaller ones are to transport while the larger ones are to ship goods, and even play as the home of the whole family.

Tourists can choose to take on this Halong Bay cruise small boat to paddle around the floating villages, visit the secluded beaches, and explore the limestone caves. It is ok to learn to paddle yourself but it is much better to have a fisherman row the boat for you. Only the skillful fishermen with long experiences are able to wriggle around the dense islets without any crashes. Each Halong Bay bamboo boat can carry around 4 – 6 people only.

Going on a Halong Bay rowboat tour, not only can travelers witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Halong Bay but also have the chances to get exposed to the life of the local fishermen in the floating markets and see how their daily lives are like. You can also listen to the locals’ stories about their struggling life on the sea.

Bamboo boat is exceptionally suitable for groups of different ages. For instance, if you are taking Halong Bay evening cruise with kids or if you are at a quite old age, kayaking is too exhausting and dangerous to do, right? Then bamboo boat is what you should choose. And the experiences it offers are never less exciting than kayaking, for sure.

So, do not hesitate whether to take Halong Bay cruise or not as all have been thoughtfully designed for all ages and tastes.


Kayaking in Halong Bay – Things To Notice


Recently, kayaking has become a joyful activity that is recommended on many Halong Bay Vietnam cruise reviews as one of the top things to do in Halong Bay. You will be allowed to paddle along the emerald sea waters to admire the exquisite natural settings of the Bay and be stolen heart with the beauty of the mother nature.

So what have you known and prepared for your Halong Bay cruise kayak? Read on this article to learn more about kayaking as well as things to notice when getting involved in this fancy activity.


Many might expect about hiring a kayak and freely ride it along the Bay to totally control your own itineraries but sadly, things do not turn out the way you want. For the sake of everyone’s safety, Halong authority does not allow travelers to explore the caves alone but requires them to be under proper observation, which means you need to book a Halong tour to be able to kayak on the ocean.

Enabling travelers to get off the beaten track to explore one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the tailor-made kayak tours in Halong Bay are designed to make sense of the wonderful combination of physical activities and sightseeing tours. Visitors will be able to kayak through the matrix of islets on the Bay to conquer the majestic lagoons, caves, and beaches and immerse themselves into the wilderness of nature.


There are places that any Halong Bay kayak trips should not miss visiting as their sheer beauty could definitely leave visitors in awe.

  • Luon Cave

Formed after million years of natural erosion, the 60 meter long and 4 meter high Luon Cave is only crossed by kayak and small boats only. The cave opens view to a view to the wide lake and surrounded forests where trees, bushes, and seafood thrive. It is not only a favored kayaking spot but also suitable for leisure glide by small boats.

  • Fishing villages

Travelers can also paddle your kayaks to approach the floating villages of the locals, namely Cua Van, Vung Vieng, and Cong Dam. Small as they might seem, the villages are completely self-contained societies that live in perfect harmony with the land and sea. People lived, ate, slept, worked, partied, and even went to school on these tiny, self-sufficient floating villages. A kayak tour to the floating villages – the top tourist attractions in Halong Bay will give you a closer look at how the local fishermen survive everyday trials and tribulations on the sea.

  • Deserted beaches

You will come across tens of limestone islets during your kayaking, many of which are softly embraced by the Colgate-white beaches. Less visited by tourists, the beaches on the islets still retains its pristine looks with soft white dunes tumbling to kiss the briny water. Especially, the beaches are exceptionally wonderful places to watch the sun fall behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink.

Some recommended beaches to visit are Titov Beach, Ba Trai Dao Beach (Three Peach Beach), Soi Sim Beach, etc.


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  • What to bring?

To get the best experiences, travelers should be well-equipped before kayaking. It is a must to bring along life vests, mineral water, sun cream, dry bag, and insect repellent. And of course, a camera is of necessity if you want to capture the sheer beauty of the Bay.

The weather in Halong Bay is quite pleasant; hence, except for the stormy days, anytime in a year would be a great time to go kayaking. However, it is still necessary to prepare suitable clothes for each season. It is just simply the swimming suit or T-shirt and short in the summer, but in the winter (October to February), you should wear warm clothes. Wet shoes and sunglasses are important, too. If you are about to travel in the winter, remember to keep yourself warm after kayaking to avoid catching a cold.

  • Do not kayak while being drunk

Do not go kayaking while being intoxicated. Your sense might be dulled while being drunk and might lead to unexpected accidents.

  • What about kids?

Regarding Halong Bay kayak with kids, children are also allowed to use the kayak. They need to sit still in the kayak and not to move back and forth so that the kayak keeps still and would not capsize. With kids under 6, it is suggested not getting involved in these activities.

Kids and the elderly can go on bamboo boats instead.

  • What about the elderly?

For those who are at an old age or are not physically strong enough, kayak might not be suitable. However, they can still go exploring the bay by using rowboat. The bamboo boat ridden by the skillful and experienced fishermen will take tourists to every corner in the Bay.

  • While kayaking

The most important thing to remember is that you NEED to listen to your tour guide during your Halong Bay cruise kayak. It is crucially significant to follow the fixed routes, times, and rules. Do not break the rules and go your own way because no one knows what would happen when you are traveling alone in such an isolated area.

Also, checking the weather conditions such as the wind strength and the tide in advance is significant, even when the guides have done it in advance. Safety is the first priority. In case you have on your tour already and there is an expected storm or strong wind, find the safest places in some sheltered areas or beaches to hide. If you are in the middle of the sea and cannot find a hiding place, you should gather together to make a raft. It would partly protect you from being blown by strong wind.

While kayaking, keep a suitable distance to others. You should not go too far from the crew and had better keep in sight with other boats.

And remember, do not come too close to deep and dark caves and karsts to avoid being sucked in. There are reports of travelers getting sucked in and it took from 30 minutes to hours to rescue them.

In case the kayak capsizes, you will need to swim a bit and then take the water out of the kayak with the help of the tour guide. He then will keep it still so that you can be on the kayak again.

The awe-inspiring beauty of the emerald waters, the majestic caves, and the stunning beaches are just too good to be true. Apart from the risks that might happen when you are not well-prepared, kayaking on Halong Bay is undoubtedly a wonderful experience that you should try at least once in your life.

6 Not-To-Do Things On Halong Bay Cruises


You might have seen plenty of articles written about the things to do on Halong Bay cruise but there is nothing much about the things to avoid, right? In this article, Mila Cruises will get you covered with the things that you should never do when cruising on one of the most beautiful emerald waters in the world.


Once you have got on the ship, you will be given a welcome drink and then get the key to access your booked cabin. Don’t just going around to observe the ship and the Bay but remember to take some time to listen carefully about the safety and security guide from the cruise manager. There rarely happens accidents or dangerous situations on luxury Halong Bay cruise but it is still necessary to pay attention to be able to react just in any unexpected cases. All are for the sake of your safety.


Even when the vessel has the balustrades, tell your kids not to run freely around the ship. They might crash on others and get injured. Some even climb on the balustrades, which is seriously dangerous. It is also important to supervise the kids well when doing Halong Bay activities such as cave-visiting, kayaking, swimming, etc.


Most of luxury Halong Bay cruises do not allow smoking onboard in order to keep the fresh atmosphere for all passengers. Still, you can smoke at your private area (if allowed) or at the smoking area. Opium, drug, and other addictive substances are prohibited in Vietnam. If you are caught transporting, selling, or possessing these things, you will be severely punished even when you are foreign travelers.


As fresh water onboard is brought from the mainland, it is really precious. Do not forget to turn off the tap after using it. It would be terrible if you don’t have water to bath, wouldn’t it?


In some moments, you might be so allured by the turquoise sea water of the Bay and would like to jump into it immediately. Don’t do that, because it is really dangerous. You could wait till the swimming section to touch the water, so what’s the point to be that rushed?


It would be a big regret if you miss the chance to witness the sunset and sunrise during your overnight Halong Bay cruise. The gorgeous scenery of the Bay at twilight and dawn will definitely leave you in awe.

At twilight, sunlight fills the sky with pure scattered light and the tides on the sea are racing among each other to reach the horizon from where the mighty godlike sun appears, creating such an energetic vibe for a full adventure day. Sunset, on the contrary, leaves you with a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere that can easily ease your soul.

Top 3 Things To Do In Halong Bay


Possessing exceptionally beautiful seascapes, Halong Bay has become one of the top tourist attractions in Vietnam, welcoming millions of travelers each year. It is not the extraordinary scenery that makes this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site attractive in tourists’ eyes, but the variety in fascinating activities travelers can participate here also contributes largely in making this tourism spot well-known. Read this Halong Bay cruise advice to see more about the interesting things to do in Halong Bay that any cruises cannot miss.


It would be a big regret if you travel to Halong but do not experience the cruise around the Bay by kayak. It is fascinating to paddle the kayak around the turquoise sea water of the East Coast, explore the karst caves, and visit the less-visited areas.

Visitors will be able to kayak through the matrix of islets on the Bay or across the forests to conquer the majestic lagoons and beaches and immerse themselves into the wilderness of nature. A should-stop for any Halong Bay cruise kayak tours is Luon Cave, which is the entrance to a picturesque secluded round lagoon. Not only will you be amazed by the stalactites hanging overhead when paddling through the cave, your jaw will also drop when seeing the scenery inside. The cave opens a view to the wide lake and surrounded forests with various species of flowers, plants, and animals of the tropical region.

Travelers can also kayak to visit the secluded beaches to enjoy the quietness and tranquility of nature. The soft white sand and transparent sea water are extraordinarily suitable for swimming and sunbathing.


Additional to kayaking, Halong Bay Cruise Rock Climbing is another fascinating activity to be done. Titov Island, which is better known with Titov beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Halong Bay, is a wonderful place to get the best panoramic view of the Bay. Climbing more than 400 steps upwards the rocky mountain to reach the peak. The climb is very safe with handrails and proper steps and the trip to the top and back takes would take around 20 minutes. Reaching the top, you will stand in awe when the magnificent seascapes of Halong Bay appear in front of your eyes. If you have seen a photo of Halong Bay from above, there is a high chance that it was taken from Titop. The hard-to-believe view from the mountain has long been a huge inspiration for photographers. Cat Ba National Park is another worth-visiting place for climbing enthusiasts. You will go up rugged routes along Kim Giao Forest to reach Ngu Lam Peak – the highest summit in the area. On your way, you will come across small streams, see various kinds of plants and animals, and smell the aroma from the flowers in the forest. There are also 2 viewpoints in the Park, from which you can take a panoramic view over the whole spectacular region.


Appeared in almost every Halong Bay cruise advice, the glorious sunset is a wonderful moment that visitors taking Halong Bay tours should watch at least once.

Standing on the seashore to watch the sun fall behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink, you will feel like you are just a small creature in this world. The clouds are cotton-candy as if they blushed at the warm touch of the sun. Even when the sun is half into the water, its reflection in the sea still makes it look complete. Just leave everything behind and stay lost in this beautiful moment.

Even when you are not on the beach but stay onboard, it is still beautiful to watch. You can lie on the lounge to drift your eyes to the horizon or enjoy the sunset party with others. Halong Bay cruise party at twilight is obviously joyful to be a part of.

In the past, when the sun had set, visitors can even take a romantic Halong Bay cruise cave dinner; however, as the laws have been tightened, it is no longer available. Still, you can enjoy the tasty Vietnamese and western delicacies in the restaurant on the vessels.

Halong Bay cannot be a better option for nature lovers when visiting Vietnam. With exquisite scenery and several exciting activities offered, a Halong Bay tour will definitely worth your time, money, and effort.

Cruising With Kids On Halong Bay? Not Problem!


Recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage, Halong Bay is a famous tourist destination in Asia, drawing in millions of travelers coming to witness its beauty each year. It is definitely a must-visit place that you should not miss when traveling to Vietnam. If you are going to take Halong Bay cruises with kids, don’t’ forget to check out the following travel guide to get the best experiences!

Different groups of guests come to Halong Bay each year. Aside from youngsters and couples, family groups also account for a huge number of travelers here. Visitors always desire a trip that their family members can gather to enjoy the beauty of nature of Halong Bay while spending their intimate moments together.

Even though Halong is a top choice for families when visiting Vietnam, taking a Halong Bay cruise with kids is not that simple. Parents always care about safety when traveling with kids, so when it happens to sail ships on the ocean, things are even taken much care. Instead of giving up on the trip and deciding to stay home to avoid any unexpected problems, parents had better rest assured and get ready for a safe and smooth trip with their kids.

Honestly, cruising with kids on Halong Bay luxury cruise is not a big problem. Followings are some reasons why:

  • First of all, overnight cruises in Halong Bay are all designed just like a floating boutique hotel, furnished with modern facilities and also 24-hour service to make sure guests could have a sleep at the safest.
  • Secondly, Halong Bay is very sheltered with up to 2,000 limestone islands and islets, which means it is relatively closely spaced. As a result, the sea is very calm and quiet with stable sea wave. On days with bad weather conditions such as storms and low pressure, all cruises are not permitted to depart. Finally, with children below 5 years old, the cruise will offer 100% free of charge if they sleep with their parents so you don’t need to worry about the budget.

You can totally set your mind at ease when taking an overnight cruise on Halong Bay. However, in order to have a perfect Halong Bay cruises with kids, there are still some tips that you should pay attention to in order to be well prepared:

  • Parents should bring kid’s daily food, antibiotics, and diapers as well.
  • Kid-sized life jacket should be brought along so that kids can swim with adults in case cruise’s life jacket doesn’t fit.
  • Parents should keep an eye on their kids in crowded places like harbor, cave, or beach

With its special geographical features, state-of-the-art ships, and meticulous attention from the cruise crew, luxury overnight Halong Bay cruise is definitely ideal for family trips, even when you have to accompany small kids. Well, prepare everything and Bon Voyage!

Top 12 Must-Have Items When Explore Halong By Cruise


Halong Bay is one of the most visited destinations in Vietnam. This UNESCO World Heritage Site captures travelers’ hearts with the spectacular natural settings of thousands of limestone islets on the emerald water. It holds such a huge appeal that the site was also voted to be one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature.
Taking a Halong Bay cruise with a travel agency, everything has been already included in the package. However, there are still small yet quite important personal things that travelers need to bring along. Read on the following Halong Bay cruise advice to see the top 12 must-have items when explore Halong Bay by cruise.


All Halong Bay cruises offer free water on every tour and package, yet it is still advisable to bring extra bottles of water along. Especially when you go off the vessel to go exploring the beach or climb up the rocky mountain, water is of necessity.


Cash is important when traveling in Vietnam, not just in Halong Bay. You can use your credit cards when paying in hotels and ships, but when visiting the local villages or going shopping in the market, cash is the only thing you can use to pay.

Also, using Vietnamese Dong will make your buying easier and faster.


Sunscreen and hat are indispensable items for any beach trips. Similar to other tropical regions, Halong Bay is intensely hot in summer, when the temperature might reach 40 In order to protect your skin against the harsh sunlight, don’t forget to put on sunscreen and hat.


Repellent is important when you go to explore the forests or penetrate the caves. Also, there are plenty of mosquitos on the sea at night.


Bring along a backup charger to make sure your technical items are on. You definitely do not expect the battery of your phones and cameras run down while you are taking photos or browsing webs, right?


Remember to bring a camera along to capture the majestic beauty of Halong Bay. And an extra memory card as the Bay is just so poetic that you can’t stand yourself from taking photos.


It is an important item anytime you travel to somewhere, not Halong Bay only.


When asking Halong Bay cruise what to wear, travelers only think of bringing along sport outfits for recreational activities like swimming, kayaking, trekking but forget the formal clothes for night events on board. If you are traveling in the winter, warm clothes are also essential.


Things like shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc. are already equipped in every room but if you care much about these things, bring your own stuff is better, especially with those who are allergic to some chemical substances.


You are traveling to a beach destination and participating lots of water activities so a waterproof backpack is a cannot-miss item to prevent your stuff from getting wet.


Halong Bay is a large area with plenty of islands and islets; thus, the wave is slight and there is little likelihood of catching seasick. However, bring some just in case.


It is only once-in-a-lifetime trip, so be positive, hang on your smile, and get the best of it! Some Halong Bay cruise recommendations above hope to give you a clearer view on what to prepare for a Halong trip. Pack your luggage and bon voyage!


Halong Bay – More Than Just A Natural Wonder

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Although Halong Bay has gained a huge reputation for its spectacular seascapes of marvelous limestone peaks, majestic karst caves, sun-kissed beaches, and emerald waters, it seems that this fame has made people forget to pay attention to other values of this land. You might not hear much about other aspects of the bay, but aside from the significant geological values, Halong Bay also possesses a long-rooted history and culture. Let’s take Halong Bay Tours to follow the traces of different cultures in Halong in different periods of time.


Timeline of Vietnamese History

Soi Nhu Culture is the furthest culture in Halong that dates back to between 18,000 and 7,000 years ago. It distributed mainly in the limestone islands and islets of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, inside the karst of the coastal area. The typical relics for this culture that still remains today are Me Cung Cave, Thien Long Cave, and Tien Ong Cave. The inhabitants of Soi Nhu Culture mainly lived on collecting oysters, snails, and picking fruits. Nowadays, you can see the accumulation of this cultural layer via the fossils of Cyclophorus, Melania, and some other freshwater mollusks inside these caves.
Compared to the cultural systems of Hoa Binh – Bac Son, which is also of the same period, the culture of Soi Nhu people had a richer cultural model because there had been an adaptation to the marine system.


Cai Beo Fishing Village Cat Ba Island

Having taken place from 7,000 to 5,000 years ago, Cai Beo Culture is the connection of the earlier Soi Nhu Culture and the later Ha Long Culture. It’s the rich ancient culture that travelers should never miss exploring during your Halong Bay Tours.

The traces of this culture are mainly distributed in the closed Bay leaning back to the limestone towers, with Cai Beo, Ha Giat, and Giap Khau as the outstanding names. Cai Beo inhabitants depended on exploiting aquatic creatures such as crabs, fish, and mollusks, hunting animals, and gathering fruits for their livelihood. The vestiges of Cai Beo Culture are the evidence showing that the ancient Viet people knew to come exploiting the sea.


The Halong Bay of today

Dating back to 3,500 to 4,500 years ago, Halong Culture is the important period that demonstrates the huge evolution of ancient Viet people. It consists of 02 stages:

Early Stage

The early stage of Halong culture is the direct result of the Mid-Holocene iceberg-generated tsunami, which was about 6,000 to 5,000 years ago. This sea-level change had blown away the habitat of Cai Beo cultural inhabitants, retailing in their move to the higher land at the Northeast. Here they formed the early stage of Halong culture. The locals lived on hunting, gathering, cultivating fiber plants and fruits, fostering marine exploitation, forming and developing pottery-making career, and making tools from stone.

Late Stage

In contrast, the Late Stage is the consequence of the lowering sea level after the Mid-Holocene. When the water started to gradually withdraw, the residents had a reverse migration to their old habitats. The residence in this stage was quite abundant, including caves, coastal mountains, sand dunes, and ancient plains. The typical traces to take a look in Halong Tours are at Bai Tu Long Cave, Soi Nhu Cave, and Ngoc Vung. Besides being tied closely to the sea, the residents developed quite perfect pottery-making and stone-carving techniques. This stage is one of the most significant preconditions to the development of the ancient Vietnamese civilization.


Milalux Cruises explore Halong Bay

If you are history buffs and eager to learn more about Vietnamese history, it is a must to learn about the role of Halong Bay in advance before processing Halong Tours Booking.

Halong Bay marks the heroic exploits if the nation between the 10th and the 20th century, namely the win over Southern Han army of King Ngo Quyen in 938, the defeat of Le’s army over Tong troop in 981, the successive defeat of Tran Hung Dao army against Nguyen Mong invaders in 1288, and the two wars against the French and American colonialists in the 20th century. With its prime location, Halong has contributed largely to the cause of protecting the nation’s liberty and peace.

Despite rarely being mentioned in Halong Tours Reviews, the history and culture of this land are really worth exploring. Don’t forget to take a look at the historical traces during your visit to this wonder, or your Halong Bay Trip will never be complete.